Brighte Finance Options

At Provista Plumbing and Gas, we offer convenient finance options through Brighte, eliminating the need for upfront payments and making it easier for customers to access our services.


Experience hassle-free convenience with Provista Plumbing and Gas as we provide the option to purchase and install hot water systems with Brighte assisting with the finance with a personal loan. With their flexible payment plans, you can enjoy the benefits of upgraded hot water systems without the burden of upfront payments.


To qualify for a Brighte personal loan for a new hot water system, you must be an Australian resident who is aged over 18 years.  You also must have valid identification to be eligible for this finance opportunity.

Give us a call at Provista Plumbing and Gas if you have questions about Brighte personal loans for hot water systems.

Finance for Perth Hot Water Systems

When it comes to the supply and installation of a new hot water system, partnering with a licensed plumber like Provista Plumbing and Gas and utilising finance options provided by Brighte can bring numerous benefits.

Upgrading your hot water system may be necessary due to issues such as age, inefficiency, or frequent breakdowns. However, the cost involved in purchasing and installing a new system can be a significant financial commitment. By opting for finance, you can spread out the cost over manageable installments, alleviating the need for a large upfront payment.

This allows you to enjoy the immediate benefits of a reliable and energy-efficient hot water system while maintaining control over your budget. With Provista Plumbing and Gas providing professional installation services and Brighte offering convenient finance options, you can experience peace of mind, enhanced comfort, and efficient management of your household expenses.


We understand that you may have questions regarding the Brighte finance options we offer. Our team is here to assist you and provide you with all the necessary information you need to make an informed decision. While we can provide some key details about Brighte finance options here, we encourage you to reach out to us directly for a comprehensive understanding of the available options and to address any specific queries you may have.

Discuss and agree on the products you wish to purchase with us and we will pass your details and refer you for the loan.

Afterward, Brighte will reach out to you to start the application process.

With all the required documents ready, you can complete your application, and typically receive an outcome within 1-3 business days along with your loan contract.

Once the job is finished, your Brighte Personal Loan will be activated, allowing you to begin repayment for the completed work.

A Brighte Personal Loan comes with a fixed interest rate starting from 11.49% p.a.* and a comparison rate of 12.69% p.a.^

In addition, there is a weekly account keeping fee of $2.70, which is included in your repayment schedule.

These rates and fees help you manage your finances while upgrading your home with ease.