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Burst Pipe Repairs Perth

Provista Plumbing & Gas are fitted with all the equipment to replace or repairs burst pipes quickly and effectively.

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Need Urgent Repair On a Burst Pipe?

Don’t panic! If you’ve got a plumbing emergency, burst pipes are our specialty. Our fully licensed plumbers act fast to shut off your water supply, fix or replace the leaking pipe, and limit the potential water damage to your property.

We understand burst pipes can be scary—but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer widespread property damage or crazy water bills.

We use the latest leak detection technology and equipment to find the source of the water leak, identify the cause of the issue, and quickly pursue the best course of action to prevent serious plumbing problems affecting your property.

Types of Pipe We Can Repair

Copper has historically been a popular material for water pipes (including hot water pipes) in new homes and commercial properties. Lightweight, durable, and able to withstand high levels of water pressure, copper is often considered the industry standard for hard pipe in the plumbing industry, despite its rising price.

If you have a leaking or bust copper pipe, our expert technicians are experienced in working with copper and stock most sizes of copper pipes in our vans—offering a fast and effective service to quickly repair leaks and replace the damaged pipes and fittings.

Plastic is another popular material for water pipes, offering strong resistance against corrosion and chemicals. Combined with their ability to withstand high pressure, plastic pipes offer a consistent water flow throughout their lifespan, guaranteeing the energy required to pump water through the system will not increase as the pipe ages.

However, plastic water pipe leakages can easily occur as a result movement in the ground (for example, from tree roots), or from UV light damage or accidental knocks.

From a plumbing system viewpoint, plastic pipes are often easy to work with during a burst pipe emergency, with our team able to repair or replace any section of plastic pipe that causes you issues.

Most commonly used outside to carry water away from your home or commercial property, polyethylene pipe is popular for its flexibility and versatility.

Water leaks or pipe bursts typically occur with polyethylene plumbing systems when ground movement pulls fittings apart or someone accidentally damages the pipe when gardening or excavating.

Polyethylene pipes can be tricky to work with, so if a water leak occurs, we suggest seeking expert plumbing services to prevent further damage.

Hepworth pipes are often used for below ground drainage systems, as well as for hot water systems and cold potable water systems.

Sustainable, durable, and energy efficient, Hepworth pipes are popular for their ability to withstand the effects of subsidence and ground movement, offering long life expectancy across the entire drainage system.

Contact us today for any Hepworth pipe water leaks, or if you’d like expert advice on the uses and benefits of these pipes.

Brass is a popular material for plumbing fittings due to its malleability, strength, and resistance to rust and corrosion. A copper and zinc alloy, brass has been used as a building material for centuries and is still used for plumbing fittings and fixtures across Australia today.

While brass fittings are usually long lasting, connections and valves can still leak—and this is the time you may need the help of a professional. Contact our team today for expert help on replacing any faulty brass fittings in your home.

Rehau is a manufacturer of highly flexible, kink resistant pipes that are used for hot and cold water, as well as for underfloor heating. Rehau is becoming more popular across Australia as an alternative to copper—with a big selling point being its heat resistance, durability, and fast and easy installation.

Whether your existing Rehau pipe system needs service, or you would like a new Rehau pipe system installed, contact our expert team today.

A proudly Australian company, Auspex offers a range of plumbing products—including pipes and fittings—which are designed to save time, eliminate waste, and rid plumbing projects of unnecessary complications.

Auspex is popular across Australia for its flexibility, durability, and ease of use. Should you need repairs to your Auspex pipes, or would like a new Auspex pipe system installed, our expert team are just a phone call away.

Pro-Fit piping is a flexible plastic pipe system, used for both hot and cold water lines in domestic and commercial properties. Produced by Iplex, Australia’s largest pipe manufacturer, Pro-Fit is popular for being light, versatile, and resistant to rust and corrosion.

If you need help fixing your Pro-Fit pipe system, or would like a new Pro-Fit system installed, contact our expert team today.

SharkBite fittings are an extremely fast, secure, and reliable method of joining all forms of pipework, including copper, plastic, polybutylene, and carbon steel.

Designed as an easy installation method to reduce time, while still providing a secure, sealed joint, SharkBite is suitable for all domestic and commercial applications. If you have a burst pipe, our team is happy to work with SharkBite fitting systems. 

Provista Are Your Perth Burst Pipe Experts

Our expert team has years of experience in fixing burst pipes across Perth, ensuring a fast, effective, and long lasting solution to any plumbing emergency.

We use the latest leak detection technology and are fully certified in all aspects of domestic and commercial plumbing—doing our utmost to ensure all jobs, large or small, are completed to the highest standard.

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Our emergency plumbing team can fix and install plumbing parts on the same day, prioritising fast turnaround times, affordable prices, and great customer service to ensure the job isn’t complete until you are 100% satisfied.

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Our expert team at Provista are specialists in burst pipes and emergency plumbing. All of our staff are fully licensed, highly experienced, and share the same drive for amazing work. Combine that with our constant investment in the best leak detection tech, you can expect the highest quality work from start to finish.


We believe in transparency, which is why pricing for our jobs is agreed before the work begins. We will guide you through the process, answer any questions, and then provide an upfront, no obligation fixed rate for your plumbing needs.


For emergency plumbing services, we can be there within the hour and deliver same day services. No matter how big or small the job is, whether you're a new or returning customer, we understand the urgency of pipe bursts and strive for a fast, effective, and stress free solution.

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FAQ - Things You Need To Know About Burst Pipes

Aside the obvious signs—water everywhere, dripping through the ceiling or flooding the floor—burst pipes aren’t always as obvious as you might think. This can be a scary thought, considering the potential for unseen property damage and an increase to your water bill.

Fortunately, even if you don’t own any leak detection equipment, there are a few things you can do to check for bust pipes in your home.

Take regular water meter readings—making it easy to spot sudden increases in water use.

Check for signs of a drop in water pressure in your kitchen or any of your bathrooms.

Take note of any sudden changes in colour on your lawn, for example, extra bright green patches, or any waterlogged areas.

Take note of any noisy taps or pipework and have them checked by a professional plumber.

Note any water leaking around your toilets, taps, or kitchen appliances.

Note any discoloured or strange smelling water.

There’s no hiding the fact a burst pipe can cause expensive damage to your property—which is why fixing the faulty pipework may end up being the cheap part.

This, however, is where it pays to have an experienced, reliable emergency plumber—like our team here at Provista—who have the knowledge and skill to quickly solve the most urgent plumbing problems.

In most cases, we will replace the length of damaged pipe, but the price can vary depending on the ease of access.

Pipes can burst for a number of reasons, but the most common is due to a change in temperature, for example, freezing and then thawing, which creates a buildup of pressure.

Fortunately, freezing isn’t common here in Perth, but there are plenty of other causes of a burst pipe, including weak pipes and poor quality fittings, clogs and blockages (e.g. gunk, debris, and toiletries), tree roots disrupting the pipework, and poor initial installation.

If you suspect a burst pipe is causing a water leak, turn off your water immediately and contact a professional plumber.

While ice can increase the risk of pipes bursting, it’s not always given. In fact, it’s usually the build up of pressure during the thawing process that causes pipes to burst. When water freezes within the pipe, water molecules expand to form an ice blockage. When the ice thaws, however, water begins to rush through the pipe, creating a sudden rise in pressure which can cause the pipes to burst.

It’s extremely rare for pipes to freeze here in Perth because of the climate in Western Australia. If you do have a burst pipe, our plumbing experts can quickly detect the cause of the issue, offering fast and cost effective repairs.

Generally, most burst pipes can be resolved in a single afternoon, but some extensive problems may require a few days or more. The time depends on a few factors, including the extent of the water leak, the type of pipes used, and the location of the leak.

For example, if the pipe is under tiled flooring on the first floor, we may need to gain access through the ground-floor ceiling. This would then lead to further work to re-plaster the ceiling. If the pipes are beneath floorboards or carpet, those will need to be lifted and then relaid once the work is complete.

Whether it’s a small leak or a fully burst pipe, our goal is to ensure a fast and effective result, with a solution that doesn’t lead to further problems later down the line.

The lifespan of your pipework usually depends on the material it’s made from, the quality of the initial installation, and when your pipes were originally constructed. Most pipes and plumbing systems are as old as the property itself (unless of course they have been replaced), meaning their life expectancy of pipes can vary greatly.

As a quick guideline, copper typically lasts between 70-80 years, while PVC and plastic pipes have a lower life expectancy of around 40 years.

It’s important to note that any pipe network that relies on joints will inherently be prone to leakage at some point. Even slight damage, such as ‘scoring’, small cracks, or micro-cracks can create defects which may in turn lead to ‘slow crack growth’ until the crack is large enough for brittle fracture to occur.

Because of their long life expectancy, plumbing pipes don’t need to be replaced regularly unless there’s an emergency issue (for example, a burst pipe).

In most cases, the most effective solution is to just replace the faulty section, rather than your home or business property’s full plumbing system. In other words, if your plumbing is only causing minor issues, it’s best to only do minor work to fix the immediate problem.

If, however, there are a lot of problems, you may need to weigh the cost of complete replacement against the cost of only replacing sections as and when needed.