10 Most Common Hot Water System Problems

Have you ever looked forward to a hot shower or bath and got stuck with cold water instead? It’s easy to take hot water for granted until you experience hot water system problems.

If you are having hot water system issues, it can be helpful to know the most common hot water system problems so you can decide if it is a simple fix or something that requires professional hot water repairs.

Common Hot Water System Problems in Perth


1. No Hot Water At All

Is your hot water not working at all? This could be a result of:

  • A tripped circuit breaker
  • The pilot going out
  • A faulty element
  • Activation of a temperature cut off
  • Lack of power

When in doubt, call a licensed plumber to evaluate your system and prevent further hot water system issues.


2. Cold Last Showers

Do you get stuck being the last person in the household to shower? If so, maybe you’ve experienced a shower that starts hot but quickly turns — and stays — cold.

While it may be a result of low pressure, it is more likely that the size of the tank is too small to keep up with your family’s hot water usage. It may also be a result of mismatched plumbing pipes. Either way, give us a call if you are tired of getting stuck with cold showers and we’ll evaluate your hot water system set up to diagnose and resolve the issue.


3. Inconsistent Hot Water

When you turn your faucet on, are you unsure if you’ll get hot water or not? If you get hot water sometimes and cold water other times, it’s time to have your hot water system professionally evaluated.

If you are having hot water system problems with inconsistent hot water, we can assess the factors, such as:

  • Is the thermostat in the correct setting?
  • Is the heating element failing?
  • Does your household need a bigger tank?
  • Is cold weather hindering the system’s ability to generate enough hot water?


4. Water That Is Too Hot

We can all appreciate a hot shower, but the water that is too hot can be uncomfortable and unsafe. In some instances, water that is too hot requires a quick adjustment to the temperature settings.

However, too hot of water can also indicate a hot water tempering valve that is malfunctioning. A licensed plumber can evaluate the valve and repair it to safe working order.


5. A Hot Water System That Is Noisy

Does it sound like an old car trying to start up when you run your hot water? If you hear popping or rumbling noises when you are trying to take a hot shower or bath, there is likely a build-up covering the heating elements.

While a system flush may help, the actual heating elements may need to be replaced. The hot water anode also needs to be evaluated to make sure it isn’t the underlying cause of the sediment build-up.


6. It Takes Too Long for the Water to Heat Up

It’s never fun to wait and wait for the water to finally heat up. If your water seems to take forever to heat up, it may be a result of:

  • Sediment build-up
  • A faulty thermostat
  • A malfunctioning element
  • A faulty gas burner
hot water repairs

7. Stinky Hot Water

Is there a hint of rotten egg smell in the air when you use hot water? This strongly indicates a bacterial issue.

Fortunately, we can fix this stinky problem for you by thoroughly flushing your tank to clear it of any bacteria.


8. Leaky Hot Water System

Is your hot water system leaking? A variety of hot water system problems can arise from a corroded tank or loose connections, including hot water system leaks. It should be evaluated right away as this could simply be a valve issue or may indicate that the system itself is malfunctioning.


9. Dirty Hot Water

Has your hot water turned an odd colour? This may be a sign of advanced tank corrosion and requires immediate attention. The hot water system may require a thorough flush, a new sacrificial anode rod, or other repairs. Whatever the hot water system issue, we’ll diagnose and fix it immediately.


10. Low Water Pressure

Has the water pressure been getting weaker? Low water pressure is a common hot water system problem that can lead to further issues.

Whether a faulty valve, pressure regulator, or leak is causing low water pressure, we can pinpoint the problem and repair it promptly.


A Note on Hot Water System Safety

We highly recommend contacting a licensed plumber, especially when dealing with thermostats. Trying to repair thermostats yourself can result in damage to the hot water system, scalding, and electrocution. It can also void the system’s warranty or even be against the law in some cases.

Hot Water System Not Working?

Have hot system water issues? Provista Plumbing & Gas are your local hot water specialist. We can diagnose and repair all makes and models of both gas and electric hot water units so you never run out of hot water again.

From noisy hot water system problems to gas hot water not working to instant gas hot water system problems, we’re experts in all areas of hot water system repair, diagnostics, installation, and maintenance. 

If you are worried about stinky hot water, hot water system leaks, or other hot water system issues, please contact us to evaluate your problem and provide a prompt solution. We catch problems early before they lead to serious damage and costly repairs. Reach out to our experienced, dedicated team today so we can make sure your hot water system is running efficiently and safely.