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The standard Perth dishwasher installation cost is fixed with Provista Plumbing & Gas as long as no additional plumbing, electrical or cabinetry work is required.

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Need Your Dishwasher Installed by a Professional?

Whether you’re tired of doing the dirty dishes by hand, or just want to upgrade to a new machine, proper installation is key when buying a new dishwasher.

But, if you’re not so confident on the tools, or don’t have the time to do the dishwasher installation yourself—or just need an extra pair of hands to help out—there’s no shame in calling your local licensed dishwasher plumbers for a fast, pain-free dishwasher installation.

After all, as anyone who’s tried to install a new dishwasher themselves will tell you: it’s a lot more work—and stress—than it seems.

From lugging around the new machine, to disposing of your old dishwasher, to ensuring the plumbing and electrical meets the Building Code, dishwasher installation can be tricky. Add in all the tools (wrenches, channel locks, screws, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.), and parts (hoses, connectors, valves, pipes, etc.), and suddenly you realise the size of the job.

Luckily, Provista’s expert team of master plumbers are just a phone call away, ready to help out with any residential or commercial dishwasher repairs and installation across Perth, WA.

With over 12 years of experience installing dishwashers and washing machines, we’re your one stop shop for a fast, affordable, and stress-free appliance installation!

Why Do I Need A Plumber For Dishwasher Installation?

Calling in the help of a fully licensed plumber can save you a huge headache, both now and into the future. Here’s why:

Dishwasher installation is rarely as simple as just plugging it in—and the combination of electrical and plumbing work can be extremely dangerous. Add in all the heavy lifting and suddenly calling in a professional just made the job a whole lot safer.

In Australia, if your dishwasher installation requires plumbing and electrical work, you’re required to use the services of both a licensed plumber and a licensed electrician. The building code also prohibits plumbing fittings and electrical appliances to be installed in the same cabinet void. Failing to adhere to this can void your product warranty, while your insurance company may turn down a claim if an unqualified person did the installation.

New hot water connections may need to be made, or existing connections altered, which requires specialist skill (and again, must meet Code). Even with an existing water connection, your new dishwasher will need to be fitted and fastened correctly to ensure everything is watertight, while any drains may need to be shifted to avoid overflows and potential flooding.

Dishwasher installation can be an invasive job. From manoeuvring heavy appliances, to potentially having to rearrange or adjust your kitchen, you want to make sure your home isn’t damaged during installation—and that your kitchen looks its best when complete.

Here’s one you’ll want to call an emergency plumbing service for—leaking sewage!

Residential sewage leaks usually happen because of damaged or blocked drains (the result of poorly installed pipework, tree root ingress, or joints becoming displaced) or because of back-flow issues from the local sewage system.

Aside generally being nasty to deal with—especially without the right equipment—sewage leaks can put you at risk of bacteria and disease (like e-coli and salmonella), while releasing harmful gases.

Should you detect a sewage leak, don’t hesitate. Contact Provista—your trusted Perth emergency plumber—right away!

For the above reasons, calling on your local dishwasher installer takes the stress away—helping you avoid injury, expensive repairs, warranty voids, and potential water damage.

Why Choose Provista Plumbing?

At Provista, we pride ourselves on providing Perth’s most efficient, reliable, and cost effective dishwasher installation service.

As with all of our plumbing services, our customers come first. That’s why we only send knowledgeable, helpful, efficient installers to your home—providing a stress free, professional service for your dishwasher installation.

All of our plumbers are fully certified and understand Perth’s local building code, site safety, and the importance of keeping a clean work area in your home.

And, as part of our commitment to providing Perth’s best dishwasher installation service, we aim to be at your door that same day—with a van stocked with all the necessary tools and equipment. Your plumber can also run your new appliance through a hot water cycle to ensure there are no leaks or faulty connections once installed.

The result? A fast, reliable, professional plumbing service, taking away the stress of getting your dishwasher installed—all for a great price!

FAQ - Things You Need To Consider When Installing A Dishwasher

Because dishwashers use both electricity and water, some people think you need both a plumber and electrician to install one.  However, in most cases, you only need a fully licensed plumber, as the electrics are limited to plugging the appliance in.

Our team here at Provista come highly recommended, with many years of professional plumbing experience to ensure your dishwasher is installed without any trouble—regardless of the size or complexity of the job.

If however, your new dishwasher requires electrical work prior to installation, you’re required by Australian building regulations to have that aspect of the work done by a qualified electrician. In this instance, Provista is happy to recommend an excellent electrician—one that we trust and who always provides a great service.

Obviously, there are a few factors to consider—from the build quality of the machine, to the quality of the installation service provided, and the performance of your plumbing system—but most new dishwashers should last around 10-12 years.

This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you will enjoy 10 trouble-free years. In fact, there are a number of signs of age to watch out for, including:

  • Water not draining after a cycle
  • The door not locking, or it’s starting to leak water
  • Dishes not hot after a cycle
  • Spotty dishes that aren’t cleaned thoroughly
  • Strange noises

In most instances, dishwasher repair is possible, especially for minor problems. But, when your dishwasher starts showing more serious signs of age, you may want to consider replacing your dishwasher entirely. This is why we always recommend buying a dishwasher from a reputable manufacturer, who offers a proper warranty period, and relying on a professional for the installation services.

Dishwashers typically fall into one of four size categories: standard, oversized, compact, and portable.

As you measure for your space keep in mind that dishwasher dimensions are determined by the opening size they’re made to fit (rather than the measurements of the dishwasher itself). A dishwasher labelled as 24 inches wide might actually be closer to 23-1/2 inches wide.

If you’re replacing an existing machine, you can of course use your old dishwasher for guidance, but most modern, under-counter dishwashers measure 600mm wide, 600 mm deep, and 820mm high.

You will need to leave just enough space for your new dishwasher to fit tightly into the space, which will give a built-in appearance. Don’t measure any trim or decorative overlays of your kitchen counter.

You should also consider leaving enough space for rear ventilation and an air gap, which is critical to protecting your dishwasher from flooding with wastewater. Your professional plumber or dishwasher installer can advise on this.

Yes, it’s possible to install a dishwasher by yourself. However, you should take into account that some models are far easier to install than others—and if any electrical or plumbing work is required, this needs to be done by a licensed professional.

You should also remember that the Australian building code has certain requirements. As mentioned earlier, plumbing fittings and electrical appliances shouldn’t be installed in the same cabinet void—and failing to adhere to this can be problematic for your warranty, while your insurance company may turn down a claim if an unqualified person did the installation.

You may also want to check your product warranty and home insurance, and whether there would be any repercussions should something go wrong after installing the machine yourself.

Most people think their dishwasher needs to be installed close to a sink, and while that’s not necessarily true—it does have a number of benefits.

Installing next to your sink may be beneficial from a space saving perspective, but the main benefits are in the fact your dishwasher will be close to existing plumbing. This can bring down installation costs (as the pipes will already be in place), allowing your plumber to easily connect the machine, rather than having to install new pipes. The same benefit can be also applied if you buy a new washing machine.

The second benefit is that it makes loading and unloading easier. Most people “scrape, rinse, and load” their dishwasher, which is why it’s convenient being next to your kitchen sink. And when it comes time to unload, you’ll be close to your drawers and cabinets, helping cut down any walking distance.

For any professional plumber worth their salt, a dishwasher installation isn’t too hard a job and can be done pretty quickly. In most cases, it should take no longer than a couple of hours.

That said, if you’re installing a new dishwasher in a new location and it requires new pipe installation, electrical power point installation, new cabinets, or replacing/moving drainage, the time will be longer and the cost will be higher (and may require additional trades).

At Provista, we believe transparency is key to an excellent service. We’re happy to provide you with an upfront cost when you contact us and we can talk through the job.

Provista Plumbing & Gas install dishwashers at residential and commercial facilities and some of the common brands are Bosch, Electrolux, Miele, Smeg, LG, Westinghouse, Samsung, Washtech and Eswood.