Thermann 4 Star 135L Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Price: $1,449.00
Experience endless hot water supply with the Thermann 4 Star 135L system. Enjoy energy efficiency, durability, and exceptional performance in one unit.
Thermann 4 Star 135L

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Choose the Vulcan Freeloader 4 Star 135L Gas Storage Hot Water System and experience the perfect blend of durability, exceptional capacity, and hassle-free supply and installation with our skilled Perth technicians.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: With an impressive 4-star energy rating, the Thermann 135L Hot Water System helps you reduce your energy consumption and save on energy bills.
  • Innovative Design: Crafted for optimal heat transfer, minimising heat loss and keeping your water hot for longer.
  • High Performance: The 135-litre storage capacity provides ample hot water for a medium-sized household without interruptions.
  • Rapid Recovery:  You’ll get quick reheating with the rapid recovery mode, so you’ll never have to worry about running out during peak times.
  • Low Maintenance:  The self-cleaning design and stable anode ensure optimal performance while reducing the need for regular servicing.
  • Quiet Operation: Specifically engineered to be ultra quiet, it won’t get in the way of your daily activities or create any unwelcome distractions.
  • Advanced Temperature Control: An adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the desired water temperature to suit your household’s needs.

Get the best of all worlds with the Vulcan Freeloader 4 Star 135L Hot Water System – Energy efficiency, exceptional capacity, and professional installation.

Finance Options Available

We’re pleased to provide a convenient financing solution through the  Brighte Personal Loan, enabling you to pay in instalments for our hot water systems. This straightforward option allows you to make the essential home improvements you need while controlling your finances.

Have a question about Brighte Finance? Contact us for help.

Thermann 4 Star 135L Product Specifications

Model # 135THMB4N
System Type Gas Storage
Gas Type Natural Gas
Number of People 3-4
Gas Energy Rating (Stars) 5
Storage Capacity 135 litres
First Hour Capacity 261 litres
Weight (empty) 72 kg
Installation Outdoor

Size and Dimensions

Width 442 mm
Height 1600 mm
Depth 502 mm
Inlet Size 20 mm
Outlet Size 20 mm
Inlet Height 320 mm
Inlet Height (gas) 320 mm
Outlet Height 1325 mm


Gas Consumption 29.5 MJ/h
Gas Connection 15 mm
Cold Water Connections 20 mm
Hot Water Connections 20 mm


Maximum Supply (with ECV) 960 kPa
Maximum Supply (without ECV) 1120 kPa
Relief Valve Setting 1400 kPa
Pressure Limit Valve Setting 1600 kPa
Expansion Control Valve 1200 kPa
Cylinder Warranty 10 Years*
Parts and Labour Warranty 12 Months

* Conditions apply.

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