Bosch 16H HydroPower Instant Gas Hot Water System

Price: $1,489.00
Experience lower energy bills and a more eco-friendly solution with this standout hot water system from Bosch.
Bosch 16H HydroPower

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Upgrading to a Bosch HydroPower 16H instant natural gas hot water system is your best choice for efficient and reliable hot water.

This innovative hot water system harnesses the energy from water flow to ignite the burner, initiating the heating process without needing a standing pilot light. This means the HydroPower 16H only ignites when you open a hot water tap, turning itself off once closed, saving energy and lowering your energy bills.

Features and Benefits

  • HydroPower Ignition Technology: Utilises water flow energy for ignition.
  • On-Demand Hot Water: Ignites only when a hot water tap is opened.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Lowers greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced energy consumption.
  • Compatibility: Great as a replacement or new installation as it’s compatible with most existing natural gas connections.
  • Reliable: Designed and manufactured by Bosch, a trusted name in home appliances, ensuring quality and performance.

Trust Bosch to deliver the hot water you need, on demand, whenever you need it.

Finance Options Available

We’re pleased to provide a convenient financing solution through the  Brighte Personal Loan, enabling you to pay in instalments for our hot water systems. This straightforward option allows you to make the essential home improvements you need while controlling your finances.

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Bosch HydroPower 16H Product Specifications

Model #TF400-8GNG
System TypeGas Continuous Flow
Gas TypeNatural Gas
Gas Energy Rating (Stars)5.0
Hot Water Flow Rate @ 25 DegC Rise16 litres/min
Min. Operating Flow Rate3.5 litres/min
Weight (empty)25 kg

Size and Dimensions

Width460 mm
Height936 mm
Depth265 mm


Gas Consumption130 MJ/h
Pipe Connection (gas)20 mm
Pipe Connection (water)15 mm


Min. Inlet Water Pressure50 kPa
Max. Inlet Water Pressure800 kPa
Cylinder Warranty10 Years*
Parts and Labour Warranty2 Years

* Conditions apply.

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