Rheem Ambiheat HDc270 Hot Water

Price: $3,999.00
Enjoy the comfort and convenience of Rheem’s heat pump technology, providing an endless supply of hot water while saving money on your energy bills!
Rheem Ambiheat HDc270

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Experience the Rheem Ambiheat HDc270 Heat Pump Hot Water System, an amazing energy-efficient solution for non-stop hot water in your Perth home.

Why choose Rheem Ambiheat for your hot water needs?

Features and Benefits

What makes Rheem’s Ambiheat hot water system stand out from the rest?

  • Superior Energy Efficiency: Advanced heat pump technology delivers top-notch energy savings. It transfers heat from the air, using minimal electricity or gas, lowering your energy bills!
  • Eco-friendly Solution: This system avoids fossil fuels by capturing renewable air energy, making it a smart choice for environmentally-conscious Perth residents and businesses.
  • Easy-to-Use Digital Controls: Quickly adjust temperature settings, check system performance, and access diagnostics with the user-friendly control panel.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: Innovative design and sound-dampening features ensure impressively low noise levels during use.
  • Ample Storage & Fast Recovery: A spacious 270-litre tank and quick recovery rate make it perfect for medium to large households with high hot water demands.
  • Durable & Low-Maintenance: The corrosion-resistant stainless steel tank and weatherproof exterior guarantee long-lasting performance with minimal upkeep.

Upgrade your Perth home or business today with Rheem Ambiheat HDc270, the dependable, high-performance, and eco-friendly hot water solution you’ve been seeking.

Finance Options Available

We’re pleased to provide a convenient financing solution through the  Brighte Personal Loan, enabling you to pay in instalments for our hot water systems. This straightforward option allows you to make the essential home improvements you need while controlling your finances.

Have a question about Brighte Finance? Contact us for help.

Enviroheat 250L Product Specifications

Model #HDc270
System TypeHeat Pump
Temperature Setting50 deg C
Element Rating2. 4 kW
Number of People2 – 5
Weight (empty)145 kg

Size and Dimensions

Width700 mm
Height1823 mm
Depth709 mm


Sound Level1m: 47 decibels,2m: 44 decibels
Water Connections20 mm


Expansion Control Valve Setting850 kPa
Relief Valve Setting1000 kPa
Maximum Inlet Pressure (with ECV)800 kPa
Maximum Inlet Pressure (without ECV680 kPa
Tank Cylinder Warranty7 Years*
Spare Parts and Labour Warranty12 Months

* Conditions apply.

Visit Rheem’s Warranties page for more information.