5 Things That May Indicate You Need A Toilet Repair

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Toilets are installed in every modern home and while they look uncomplicated enough, there are times when you may have to call upon a toilet plumbing service for simple repairs, or at worst be up for installing a new toilet.

In this article, we will go over the common reasons why you may need toilet plumbing in your home, the possible toilet repairs required and if the problem is bad enough – a new toilet installation.

What Causes Toilet Plumbing Issues?

Everybody knows to call a plumber to fix a leaking toilet but sometimes they overlook the reasons that can lead to the problem in the first place. Toilets can develop issues caused from actions caused from simple misuse, right through to environmental factors. Here are some of the main issues that might lead to you needing a toilet replacement or repair.

  • Too Much Toilet Paper: Older toilets or ones with a weak flush are more susceptible to getting clogged.
  • Flushing Wrong Items: The common rule is “If it isn’t toilet paper, don’t flush it”. Common bathroom items such as cotton balls and wet wipes can damage your toilet.
  • Cleaning Products: If your cleaning products are too harsh, they can deteriorate the rubber components inside the toilet.
  • Lack of Cleaning: Cleaning your toilet regularly can prevent mineral build up that could otherwise lead to damage of the internal parts.
  • Excessive Force: Putting too much weight on the toilet bowl can crack the porcelain blow while using too much force on the flushing button can damage it or the components attached underneath.
  • DIY Toilet Repairs: Without the proper knowledge to fix or install a new toilet, damage could occur that means you could be up for further more expensive repairs or even a new toilet replacement.

Common Symptoms of a Faulty Toilet

1. Running Water

If you have heard your toilet water running for some time, then you may have also noticed an increase in your water bill. Then is normally caused by a faulty flapper and may require a toilet flush value replacement to fix the leaking toilet.

The flapper can deteriorate over time or move out of its normal position and lead to an ongoing leaking of water into the bowl and even make flushing problematic.

2. Incomplete Flushing

If flushing your toilet doesn’t have the required power and fails to empty the bowl of all the waste then you could have a number of issues that may warrant professional toilet repairs. Once again, a toilet flush valve replacement may be necessary as it may not be opening fully, resulting in a lack of flushing power.

There could also be obstructions in the trapway and these can usually be cleared with a plunger or auger while a faulty fill valve can be adjusted to ensure the tank fills to the correct level needed for a clean flush. A toilet button replacement is also a less common issue but can be the solution to flushing issues as well.

3. Leaks Around the Base

There are two main causes for why you would need to fix a leaking toilet around the base. The first is the wax ring installed between the floor and the base of the toilet and if this is damaged or improperly installed, you would likely need toilet repairs from a qualified plumber.

The second is cracks in the porcelain bowl (which can be caused by physical impact or excessive weight) and when this occurs you would normally require a toilet replacement.

4. Water Hammer (Banging Noise)

When toilet fill valves close too quickly, it can put a sudden halt to water flow and cause the toilet to make a loud banging noise. Some simple toilet plumbing such as adjusting the fill valve to slow the closing action can put an end to this noisy problem.

Sudden changes in water pressure can also be the cause of water hammer and if that problem doesn’t resolve itself then you would be in need of a professional toilet plumbing service to identify the cause.

5. Corrosion and Mineral Deposits

Water with increased mineral content known as hard water can have an impact on all device that use water in your home. Toilets are no different and mineral build up on the internal components, especially in dual-flush systems, can cause performance issues.

Toilet plumbing services can include regular cleaning of the flush button, flush valve, fill valve and flapper to ensure the toilet is not affected by the mineral build up from hard water.

What to do if you need a toilet repair?

Some of the issues mentioned above can be quite simple in theory but it is usually best to call a licensed plumber such as Provista Plumbing and Gas if you need any toilet repairs or toilet plumbing.

Some issues may have a more serious underlying cause such as water pressure issues and consulting with qualified plumbers can be the safest and most reliable option. With expertise developed from many years of experience, they can properly diagnose issues and perform all necessary repairs and even provide toilet replacement and toilet installation services.

When it comes to needing a toilet installation, Provista Plumbing can even quote a new toilet installation cost. This service is also available for wall hung toilet installations and any replacements are only offered once it is clear than toilet repairs are not viable on the existing unit.

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